Walsall College is passionate about the well-being of our learners and has a legal and moral responsibility to safeguard learners from abuse. Abuse and risks can be seen in a variety of ways, for example, physical, financial, forced marriage, criminal and sexual exploitation, domestic abuse, emotional abuse and involvement in violent and organised crime. We are fully committed to working with local partners to change our culture and attitude as to how we identify best practice to safeguard our learners.

For any concerns regarding our students please contact the safeguarding team through our email –

Student Support and Disciplinary Policy and Procedure

At Walsall College, we are committed to our agenda of ‘Every Student Matters’. Staff and students work together to create a Ready, Respect and Safe (RRS) learning environment, as outlined in our Student Support Policy and Procedure. This document underlines our expectations and a consistent set of standards for everyone to follow.


A closed Circuit Television (CCTV) system is in operation at Walsall College.

This system, known as the ‘Walsall College CCTV System’, comprises of a number of cameras installed at strategic locations. Cameras are located at both the Wisemore and Green Lane Campuses. As required by the CCTV Code of Practice Revised Issue 2008, signs are placed at the entrance and around College campuses informing you that you are entering a CCTV zone.

Complaints Procedure

At Walsall College we are committed to providing high quality services for all of our College Community, taking account of users’ views, and using the findings to promote and develop capacity for sustainable improvement. If you need to make a complaint, you can contact the College in the following ways:

Data Protection

At Walsall College we take data protection seriously, and so to help staff understand their responsibilities we issue regular updates on the law and best practice.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy and Procedure

We are building a college community that through its leadership, recruitment, teaching and learning, is free from discrimination and secure and confident in its diversity.

The College is committed to ensuring that every individual who belongs to or accesses our learning community is valued, supported and respected. We welcome and celebrate the unique talent and experience of each individual student and employee.

Fees Policy

Bursary and Free College Meals

Walsall College recognises that the cost of coming to College can place an extra financial burden on students. The College aims to provide all students in need of financial support with impartial advice and guidance in relation to available bursary support and how to access it.

Freedom of Information

Higher Education

Little Professors Nursery

Partners and working with Walsall College

Walsall College is committed to working in partnership with a varied range of market leading organisations.

These strategic partnerships provide our students with opportunities to work in state of the art environments and with market leading technology. This customer focused philosophy makes our students more commercially astute and aware of the very latest industry developments – leaving them an all the more employable individual.

Our partner organisations receive high quality professional training and development from Walsall College while giving back to their industries through the nurture and direction of tomorrow’s leading industry professionals.


At Walsall College we all have a role to play and we all have a responsibility to act in ways which encourage positive feelings and respect for all.

Walsall College understands and implements its duty under sections 26 and 29 of the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015, to have “due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism”, known as the Prevent Duty.

Freedom of Speech Policy

At Walsall College we understand that Freedom of Expression is a fundamental right under both British and European law. 

Accountability Statement