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Ignite 2 - Tus

* For those fully engaging in this programme

Ignite Project

Aged 19-29 and not studying , working or training?

Our experienced team will be happy to talk to you about what you’ve been doing and what you might like to do.

Aged 19-29 and not studying , working or training?

Our experienced team will be happy to talk to you about what you’ve been doing and what you might like to do.

Ignite Project

* For those fully engaging in this programme

* For those fully engaging in this programme

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Thursday 22nd June, 4pm-7pm

Walsall College Graduates

Skilled - Professional - Enterprising


Vicky Bentley

Beauty Therapy

Level 3 Nail Technology

“Knowing that all your hard work pays off is a great feeling.”

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Grace Morgan


Level 3 Construction and the Built Environment

“I look back to some of the assignments I completed at college and use the information from these at uni.”

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Romi Dhillon

Health and Social Care

Level 3 Health and Social Care

“I’m grateful I learned sooner rather than later how to be organised, punctual and to manage my time.”

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Aminul Hoque

Business & Accounting

Level 3 Business and Accounting

“If it hadn’t been for college, I wouldn’t have built up the confidence to go to university.”

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Nathalie Hicks

Distance Learning

Level 2 in Principles of Customer Service

“You can go at your own pace, completing the work as and when you’re able to.”

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Jordan Butler


Level 3 Professional Cookery

“I’m proud of how far I’ve come in such a short time, especially as I’m only just getting started.”

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Salma Bertata


Entry Level 3 reading, speaking and listening

“Coming to classes improved my speaking and reading. I don’t have to use Google translate as much as I used to.”

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Paige Smith

Performing Arts - Dance

Level 3 Performing Arts (Dance)

“My course gave me much more structure and discipline that I’d ever experienced before.”
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Jessica Barker

Social Work

Access to Higher Education Diploma: Social Work

“There are lots of things you cover that give you a head start for when you join an undergraduate course.”

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Jerelle Jackson


Advanced Apprenticeship in Engineering Manufacture

“I’ve developed a strong work ethic where I’m proactive and make sure my work is high quality.”

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Jade Ashworth

Travel and Tourism

Level 3 BTEC and Extended Diploma in Travel and Tourism

“I love being able to please people. When a customer comes back and thanks you for the work you put in, this is really rewarding.”

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Halima Khannon

Applied Science

Extended BTEC Diploma in Applied Science

“My career aims are to help develop cures and treatments for life-threatening diseases such as cancer using bio-engineering technique.”

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Charlie Heaton

Business and Administration

Level 2, 3 and 4 in Business and Administration

“I began a new post as an Assistant Service Manager at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, which is making great use of the skills I have gained through my previous apprenticeships.”

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