Walsall College has several sites across Walsall. Courses are also delivered via local community venues too.

Wisemore Campus

Built in 2009 following a multi-million pound investment, our main campus is a vibrant, lively environment that’s been designed to inspire and motivate students.

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Green Lane Campus

As the hub for our construction and multi-skills courses, the facilities at Green Lane Campus make sure we deliver first-class training in a real-life environment.

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Broadway Campus

Exclusive to music students, this building, just off Wisemore Campus, has been built specifically with trainee production and performance artists in mind.

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The Hub

An all-in-one venue with a restaurant, gym, sports hall, conference and meeting room facilities, as well as opportunities for start-up advice and business training.

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Digital Engineering Skills Centre

Officially launched in 2019, this £2million centre includes the latest design, programming and printing equipment for the engineering and construction industries.

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Hawbush Campus

Based in Leamore, this campus welcomes both 16 to19-year-olds and learners aged 19 and over, who are developing their skills for a range of vocations, along with their English and maths.

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Whitehall Campus

This community-learning hub enables students to develop their functional maths and ICT skills. Classes in community interpretation and ESOL reading, speaking, listening and writing are also available here.

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Cannock Campus


Based at Tradmark House, this centre offers free courses (subject to availability) for learners aged 19-years-old and over, who want to improve their job prospects.

Community Venues

We also provide short courses for learners in smaller, more intimate surroundings within the local community, such as community centres, schools and places of worship.

Wisemore Campus - 360 degree panoramics

Take a look all around our campuses.  These 360 degree images show you where to go to access all the people, services and facilities you’ll need as a Walsall College student.  Click on any of the images below.

Wisemore Campus Courtyard

Wisemore Campus Entrance

Wisemore Campus Atrium

Wisemore Campus Atrium

Wisemore Campus A Block

Wisemore Campus C Block

Wisemore Campus The Venue

Wisemore Campus Dance Studio

Wisemore Campus Starbucks

Green Lane Campus & The Hub - 360 degree panoramics

Green Lane Campus - Entrance

Green Lane Campus - Reception

Green Lane Campus - Carpentry Workshop

Green Lane Campus - Carpentry Workshop Benches

The Hub - Reception