Here at Walsall College, we want you to live college life to the full and get the most from your time here, to enrich your life both inside and outside the classroom.

That's why we've created our vast Enrichment programme which is full of activities, workshops, seminars to maximise your time at Walsall.

Aimed at giving you the opportunity to challenge yourself, learn new skills or develop existing talents away from the classroom or workplace, the programme offers you a host of different ways you can choose to spend your free time. We want you to maximise your personal development during your time with us.

Each week our Enrichment Weekly will be sent to you with our offer of activities, events and opportunities around the college.

Whether you decide to join a sports club, learn an instrument, sign up to a short course or take part in one of many other activities on offer, we hope that you have some fun and discover things about yourself that you never knew – until now!