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Working with parents

The support and encouragement you give your children at home can make a big difference to their success at College. 

We enjoy a good relationship with the parents of many of our students and welcome you to really get involved in your son or daughter’s education.

The parents’ role

  • It’s important you encourage your child to complete their homework on time. It’s set regularly and is essential to their independent learning
  • Make sure they attend regularly. Missing essential coursework or exams can really affect your child’s chances of success. If they’re ill, please call or email their personal tutor to let them know
  • Remind them to look after their belongings and leave any unnecessary electronic equipment at home. Replacing lost of damaged equipment can be very expensive
  • Talk to us. Come along to our parents’ evenings each term to chat to us about your child’s progress
  • Have your say. Share your opinions, ask questions and make suggestions on our online parents’ forum. Help us shape our students’ future.

Online parents’ forum

What do you think? What do you like about the College? How could we improve? Tell us at

Our role

We will give you regular updates. We’ll keep you informed about your child’s behaviour, homework, exams, assessments, successes and areas for improvement. You’ll get a report card each term, in addition to the opportunity to attend three parents’ evenings a year.

Personal tutor

Each student has a personal tutor who is responsible for their care, progress and achievement. They’re always on hand to help them reach their full potential and help with any difficulties.


Prevent is part of the Government’s Counter Terrorism Strategy and aims to prevent people from becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism.

We as a College and you, as parents/guardians need to be able to protect young people from the risk of radicalisation – this may be from online material or other outside influences.

We can help to protect your child by making sure they know and understand what we mean by “Positive Communities and British Values”.

These values can be defined as:

  • Democracy
  • Law
  • Individual liberty
  • Mutual respect

  • We will be working with our students to help them understand the importance of these values and to protect them from the risk of radicalisation.

    The College works very closely with partner organisations to support young people if there is a concern that they may be at risk.

    Working in partnership with organisations, support groups and parents is the best way to protect your child.

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