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Modes of study

Choosing a course can be difficult at the best of times. Once you’ve decided upon the best course for you, you also need to consider the different study options available.

Let us help you decide which type of study is best for you.

Full time

The exact meaning of ‘full time’ will differ from course to course. Most full time courses comprise at least 16 hours classroom time.

However the full time course is set up, it will allow you to achieve your chosen qualification in the shortest possible time compared to other modes of study.

Part time

Part time study is typically aimed at students who have to juggle work or family commitments. It also tends to attract those considering changing careers or getting back to work.

It will take longer for you to complete a course of this kind and you may find you’re not as immersed in college life as those on full time programmes, but it will give you more flexibility.

Teaching could take place in the daytime or the evening.

Part time short courses

These are courses that may run over a single day or in a block of study rather than over a number of weeks. They can be college-based or, if you are a company and have a group of 12* or more employees that want to do the same short course we can arrange training to take place at your office.

*subject to suitability of work environment


Work-based courses are courses taught in your place of work. Most work-based training qualifications are ‘competence-based’ where you learn practical, work-related tasks designed to help you develop the skills and knowledge to do your job effectively. Examples of work-based qualifications are apprenticeships, traineeships and NVQs. Some short courses and units can also be carried out in your place of work (see above).

Distance learning

If you want to study a course but your location or other commitments are such that travelling to college for your learning would be inconvenient, distance learning could be an option for you. This mode of study involves learning exclusively from home.

Assignments can take the form of essays, short tests, projects or presentations and are marked either by a tutor or by computer.

All the resources you need to complete your studies are provided, in a variety of platforms, from print and eBooks to DVDs and online videos.

International Courses

These courses have been designed specifically for students from countries other than the UK.

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