Your views are important to us and make a real difference to the way we operate.

We really welcome your views and feedback and there’s all sorts of ways you can share it with us:

  1. Course representative meetings
  2. Student focus groups and meetings with the Principal
  3. Student surveys
  4. Compliments and complaints
  5. Student voice site ‘tell us what you think’
  6. Lead course representatives
  7. Elected student governors

Annual student conference

We hold student conferences for Further Education (FE) and for Higher Education (HE) students every year. They bring course representatives, college senior management and governors together to discuss important issues and proposals for future changes.

We also use this event as an opportunity for students to actually shape things outside the college. For example:

  • In their local community by helping service providers to solve problems
  • Working with employers to look at skills development
  • For HE students - working with employers and awarding bodies to shape curriculum development

Our students’ views are always taken seriously and listening and responding to them has played a big part in helping us to achieve a thriving college community.