Getting your results online

Level 3 Vocational and Technical qualifications (such as level 3 BTEC Nationals) results will be available ONLINE at 08:30 on Tuesday 10th August 2021.

GCSE and Level 2 Vocational and Technical qualifications (such as BTEC Firsts, Tech Awards and Level 2 Technicals) results will be available ONLINE at 08:30 on Thursday 12th August 2021.

Please do not try to access your results prior to this date/time as they will not be available.

Retrieving your results online:

  1. Go to the following URL:
  2. You will be presented with login page below:
  3. In the username box enter your student reference number from your ID card. e.g. '12345678' (without the quotes).
  4. Then enter your college password that you would normally use to access our services e.g. GOAL, Email, Home Access
  5. The next page will show you your GCSE results

Click here to get your GCSE Results

If you experience any difficulties logging into your student account on the day, please come into the college to collect your results.

Getting your results in person

You are welcome to come and collect your results in person from our Wisemore campus between 9.30am and 3.30pm on the below dates:
A Level and BTEC Level 3 results Tuesday 10th August 2021
GCSE and BTEC Level 2 Thursday 12th August 2021

You will be required to show proof of ID and please be aware there may be queues and social distancing will be in place.

Any results not collected by 3.30pm will be posted out on the same evening to students.

Grading and Appeals

As a result of the government’s decision to cancel exams, we have asked teachers and tutors at the College to provide us with: Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGS) for all subjects that you were entered for, based on the work that you have completed this academic year.

Over the last few months the Exam Boards, through JCQ, have been considering how best we can support teachers and deliver the Secretary of State’s policy on the awarding of grades for GCSE, AS, A Levels and other qualifications in 2021. Having reviewed the joint consultation document released on 15th January 2021, and through subsequent discussions, we believe there is a high degree of alignment between our thinking and that of the Regulator. The approach focuses on the Secretary of State’s decision that grades this year will be awarded by teachers based on their professional academic judgement and that, apart from in rare exceptional circumstances, these will not be amended or modified.

Your tutors have based their decisions on a range of evidence, work you have completed in class, coursework, any prior exam or phase tests. The information that was submitted to the awarding body will have been checked beforehand by other tutors and Heads of Department in our College.

We have followed a three-stage Quality Assurance (QA) process encompassing:

  • a Centre-level review of the approach being adopted
  • a Second-level review on a case-by-case basis; and
  • Quality Control checks using a risk-based approach.

More information about grading for 2021 can be found in the ofqual Student Guide to Awarding Summer 2021 which can be accessed here.

Although everyone will be working hard to make sure you are issued with the correct grades on results day, there will also be an appeals system as a safety net to fix any genuine errors that were not identified earlier on. If you believe an error has been made in determining your grade, you will have a right to appeal. There are two stages to the appeals process:

Stage 1: centre review If you don’t think you have been issued with the correct grade, you can appeal to the college, who will review whether we:

  • made an administrative error, e.g. we submitted an incorrect grade; we used an incorrect assessment mark when determining your grade.
  • did not apply a procedure correctly, e.g we did not undertake internal quality assurance, did not take account of access arrangements or mitigating circumstances, such as illness. To help you decide whether to appeal, you can request that the college shares with you the following information on results day if not before:
    • our Centre Policy
    • the sources of evidence used to determine your grade along with any grades/marks associated with them
    • details of any special circumstances that have been taken into account in determining your grade, e.g. access arrangements, mitigating circumstances such as illness

Stage 2: appeal to the exam board If you still don’t think you have the correct grade after the centre review is complete, you can ask the college to appeal to the exam board, who will review whether

  • we made an unreasonable exercise of academic judgement in the choice of evidence from which we determined your grade and/or in the determination of your grade from that evidence.
  • the college did not apply a procedure correctly, e.g. did not follow our Centre Policy, did not undertake internal quality assurance, did not take account of access arrangements or mitigating circumstances, such as illness.
  • the exam board made an administrative error, e.g. they changed your grade during the processing of grades.

At both stages of the process you will need to submit your appeal to the college and give your written consent to conduct the appeal or submit it to the exam board on your behalf. It’s important to remember that your grade can go down, up or stay the same through either stage of the process. If you have a place at university that is dependent on your appeal, you should tell the university you are hoping to go to so they can decide how to handle your offer. You should also tell the college so we can ask the exam board to prioritise your appeal.

If you wish to appeal your results please click here and complete the first document centre review, once you have completed this return to the following email address by the 16th August 2021.

In the event that you feel you want to re-sit your GCSE/A Levels, you will be send a link to register your intent to re-sit. The link will be sent to you on the 12th August 2021.


Your certificate will be available for collection from Monday 15th November 2021. We recommend you contact the Exams department on 01922 688820, to confirm your certificate has arrived before making the journey into college. When collecting your certificate(s), please bring photo ID to the Customer Advice and Support Centre, which is located in the main atrium of the Wisemore Campus.

If you wish for someone to collect your certificate on your behalf, please provide written approval. The letter should be addressed to the Exams department and include your personal details, your course details and the name of the person who you give permission to collect your certificate. To enable collection this person must provide photo ID for both you and themselves.

Any certificates not collected within 12 months of issue, will be returned to the Awarding Body. After this point, it becomes your responsibility to obtain a replacement from the awarding organisation.

If you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Examinations department on 01922 688820.

For support and advice around managing worry and stress around collecting your results please click here.