No computer, no problem

Our Digital Pledge ensures no student is ever at a disadvantage when it comes to switching on and logging into their learning.
Not only that, we’re also fully committed to providing you with the latest technology resources and equipment you need to prepare you for the workplace.

Free wi-fi on all campuses for all
So when you’re not in class, you can carry out independent study and research or just catch up on emails any time, any place.

Easy access to PCs
Being without a PC or tablet doesn’t mean you have to miss out. Our Learning Resource Centre and Job Shop have plenty of PCs available for you to use as long as you need to.

Online resources for all subjects
From a digital library to software packages and programmes, students have all they need to access information and complete assignments efficiently and effectively.

Digital skills development for all
We promise to support your knowledge and understanding of the digital landscape throughout your student journey – such as teaching you different IT/digital skills, improving your awareness of online safety and security and more.

Specialist facilities and computer labs
Our classrooms, workshops and studios are fitted with a range of digital facilities and SMART technologies, so that learning is always interactive and engaging.

Apple Lab for creative arts
Our macs are installed with latest design software packages plus we have image/video-editing suites, making it easier for students to unleash their creative potential.

CISCO Lab for computing
Bespoke IT equipment from Microsoft, combined with a suite of Cisco computer stations and a dedicated network and server room help computing students prepare for careers in network security and administration.

CAD/Autodesk Labs for engineering and construction
Hands-on experience of product design and the control of manufacturing processes has never been more possible thanks to our state-of-the-art programming facilities.