The next stage in your learning journey will be to complete the initial assessment in English and maths. The Initial assessment gives us an indication of your current levels of understanding in both subjects. We will use the results of this assessment to plan the next stage in your English and maths journey, so it is important the assessment is completed without any support from friends or family.

This assessment is not a test so do not worry about failing it but please do make sure you dedicate some quiet time to completing this assessment at a time that you can give it your full attention.

Prior to taking the assessment

It may have been a while since you have worked on your English and maths so prior to taking the assessment take some time to brush up on your skills using the following websites: -

The key areas to start with for maths are the Four rules of number: -

In English you need to explore: -

Taking the assessment

To take the maths and English initial assessments please login to BKSB.

You can find your username/number on the ID badge you received from the college when you enrolled e.g. 1012345.
The password is: password (you will be prompted to change once you login).

BKSB - Login

Once you have logged in you will be asked to agree to the terms and conditions.

BKSB - Copyright Notice

On the “Change password” screen enter a new password and make a note of this in case you do not complete both assessments in one go.

BKSB - Change Password

Next click “Focus Functional Skills”.

BKSB - Focus Functional Skills

Choose which initial assessment, either maths or English, you wish to take first and click “View course”.

BKSB - View Course

Once you have clicked either maths or English, click “Take an Initial Assessment”. There is no time limit on taking the assessment.

BKSB - Take Assessment

The initial assessment will launch. There is an accessibility menu in the top right that will allow you to change font size, background, button and font colour.

BKSB - Accessibility

During the Maths assessment the use of a calculator is not permitted unless stated at the top of the screen, an onscreen calculator will be provided for questions that permit it otherwise use pen and paper to complete any working out.

Once you have completed the assessment, return to the home screen. Make sure you complete both maths and English assessments.

If you are unable to access your account, please contact the LRC team via the following email address: