Have you struggled in mainstream education? Not been able to reach your full potential due to issues in school? Or maybe you’ve recently left school? Do you want to have the opportunity to complete further qualifications, potentially enabling you to achieve the requirements for many vocational courses at college?

We offer a course that’s ideal for students 14-16 who’ve struggled at school due to behavioural difficulties and learning difficulties. Students join the course from schools that provide our service as part of the student’s behaviour support plan or from vocational opportunities.

We’ve worked with a high number of students who’ve previously chosen to leave secondary education due to:

  • Poor standards of teaching and learning in their school
  • High levels of anxiety and stress due to the pressures of large class sizes and expectations for GCSEs
  • Bullying issues that haven’t been addressed or improved

You’ll work in smaller classes than traditional mainstream schools, focusing on both academic, but also improving your employability, personal and social skills.

We provide you with the chance to improve your English and maths (starting from pre-entry to GCSE), ICT and employability skills. The qualifications and skills students develop help the large majority of them progress on to further education, employment or training (including apprenticeships).

If you have the determination, desire and passion to change your previous experiences of education, we have the staff and experience to provide the teaching, pastoral support and career guidance to help you get back on track.