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Become a Walsall College Graduate!

It’s not just about learning how to cut hair, lay bricks, or design websites.  

Yes, we’ll teach you the skills to do your job - and to do it brilliantly. But at Walsall College, you’ll learn so much more than that. 

You'll become a Walsall College Graduate:


  • Your key skills will be evidenced by your academic achievements
  • In addition to specific skills developed on your course, you may have also picked up additional skills and qualifications by participating in other activities or events whilst at College
  • As part of your studies and experiences you will have begun to develop an understanding of your industry. You will have developed a range of functional skills, vocational competencies and specialist expertise
  • You will have developed an understanding of the technical language in your chosen area.


  • You will have developed a strong work ethic
  • You will have demonstrated initiative, self direction and vision
  • You will have demonstrated that you are capable of working with technology
  • You will have had the opportunity to show an aptitude for leadership and a willingness to take responsibility
  • You will have shown yourself to be self-motivated and ambitious
  • You will have revealed your creative side and shown that you have the skills required for innovation
  • You will have demonstrated your communication skills
  • You will have shown that you can work well as part of a team
  • You will have developed your social and cultural awareness.


  • You will be adaptable, with a good awareness of what’s going on around you
  • You will have become literate in business, with a good understanding of what it takes to be entrepreneurial
  • You will have had the opportunity to lead and take responsibility
  • You will have been an active part of a global student community
  • Your confidence will have grown
  • You’ll be equipped to readily embrace change and solve problems
  • You will have developed your personal vision
  • You will have the necessary skills and attitude to be a life-long learner.

Go for Gold

Really shine and you’ll get a silver or gold award, showing employers and universities that you go above and beyond in developing your transferable skills. At the end of the year we celebrate the success and achievements of our outstanding Gold award winners with a prestigious ceremony to shine a light on their hard work.

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