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Our Deaf Academy exists to provide support for the college’s deaf and deafblind community

Over the last 20 years, the Deaf Academy has supported over 1,000 students. The vast majority of these students have gone on to find employment or progress to higher levels of education. The Academy’s reputation for excellence is spreading; not only does it support deaf and deafblind students in Walsall, the West Midlands and other nearby counties, in recent years the Academy has attracted foreign students from countries including Jamaica, Latvia, Croatia, Poland, Lithuania, America and the Philippines.

The Academy team pride themselves on the quality of teaching and learning and support offered to the deaf and deafblind community in Walsall and were delighted when this was singled out for praise in the college’s latest Ofsted report.

Deaf and deafblind students on vocational programmes are supported by BSL and deafblind interpreters, who area all qualified to a minimum of Level 3. All interpreters support through BSL and SSE to meet the individual communication needs of the students to ensure they have full access to information. When necessary, a qualified note taker or in-class support/relay interpreter is also provided. Students on vocational programmes will also receive up to 2 hours per week of one-to-one Language Support. This provides support for their assignments and written work towards improving their English skills. Excellent Equality and Diversity is delivered by the Deaf Academy.

For deaf students who do not use BSL, a note taker is provided.

The Deaf Academy has a deaf student area where students can go to meet their one to one language support, interpreters and note takers, for break times to meet other deaf and deafblind students or to seek support from Deaf Academy staff.

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