You’re never alone at Walsall College. There’s always someone to turn to if you need advice.


We’re passionate about safeguarding our students. Safeguarding at Walsall College is everyone’s business, and we will do everything we can to keep our students and staff safe.

If you are worried about yourself or another person being affected by bullying; cyber bullying; anxiety or depression; self-harming; discrimination; substance abuse; homelessness; radicalisation; sexual exploitation; emotional or mental wellbeing please call reception on 01922 657000 or email

Sexual health

A Walsall Community Health nurse provides regular sexual health clinics on-campus. You can attend these clinics to receive confidential advice on any aspects of sexual or reproductive health. To book an appointment call 01922 657000.


Talking to someone is often the first stage of feeling better, so if you’re having a tough time, don’t forget that we have a trained counsellor who can help you.

To make a booking, call the counsellor directly on 01922 657000. You can also book at reception, speak to your tutor or email Melanie Jones at or Lyndsey Shuker at

There’s also a team of staff based in the SU office, who are on hand to provide you with practical help and support.