Aysha Rahman Amani web

Aysha Rahman Amani

Student Governor

ESOL student, Aysha emigrated to the UK with her family from Bangladesh in 2019.  She hopes to follow a career as a barrister and plans to study law next year.

When she joined the Student’s Union in 2023, she took pride in helping to coordinate the college’s first ever Eid event.

As SU President, Aysha is keen to use her role to publicly engage with as many students as possible.  One of the ways she aims to do this is by spending two or three days each week at the SU’s front desk space in the Wisemore Campus atrium so that people can speak with her and fellow members as often as they wish.

She is also aiming for the Students’ Union to introduce other new events to the college.

In her spare time, Aysha enjoys gardening, playing with her younger brothers and reading.

She was appointed as a Student Governor in June 2023.