Hawbush Campus features a range of small and medium-sized classrooms for english, maths ICT, childcare, health and social care, hospitality and catering, horticulture and gardening, construction and beauty studies.

Hawbush Campus
Beeches Road

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Social Spaces

A bistro area provides a warm welcome to all students and visitors as they enter the building.  This is used throughout the day for people to spend time getting to know one another or just having some ‘me time’.

Student Services

Our customer support staff are always happy to help. Receive advice and guidance on fees, as well as bursaries, free meals and free bus passes and enrolling for courses.

Horticulture Gardens

This multi-purpose garden space encourages students to grow plants and flowers, with a view to boosting their confidence and team-working skills or kick starting their careers in horticulture and conservation.