Meetings of the entire Corporation take place on a regular basis.

There are also a number of sub-committees which meet regularly to focus on specific areas of corporation business. You can download the document detailing the schedule of meetings here.

Agendas for Forthcoming Meetings

Draft agendas are drawn up three weeks in advance of a meeting, but are subject to revisions up to the point when papers are submitted eight days before the meeting actual takes place. Details of meeting agendas are available via the Clerk to the Corporation, Alison Buick ( email or telephone 01922 657 000) or her Secretary, Melanie Smith (email or telephone 01922 651137)

Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference for all committees are updated before the beginning of each new academic year. If you have any questions regarding amendments to the Terms of Reference, the Clerk to the Corporation, Alison Buick, will be very willing to advise you.