Bursaries and other financial support

Courses are free if you’re aged under 19.  Bursaries and funding are also available to 16-19 year-olds to help cover things like your daily commute, meals and any industry equipment or uniform/kit needed for you to enjoy a full student experience.

Bursary Information

All awards made are subject to satisfactory attendance, good progress and behaviour. Awards may be reduced or withheld if standards are not met.

Please Note:

While we recognise that some students face financial pressures, the funding you are applying for comes from a government fund and is public money. It is not a right. The College has a duty to ensure that funds are awarded fairly to the students most in need. Funds are cash limited and funding cannot be guaranteed. Early application is essential.

No awards for the bursaries will be issued until you are fully enrolled and have started your course.

Bursary Information

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