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Digital Engineering Skills Centre

The facilities in the Digital Engineering Skills Centre will enable students to learn industrial design processes, from initial conception, through design, prototype and production, all using industry standard software including Solidworks and the Autodesk suite, 3D printing technologies and CNC machining. An electronics lab, combined with hydraulics and pneumatics training rigs, will enable students to learn about aspects of machine design and maintenance, combining both mechanical and electrical principles alongside more advanced microprocessor integration and programmable logic controllers, embracing industry 4.0 theories.

Advanced construction will also be a feature of the new centre. BIM (Building Information Modeling), a 3D CAD based process to assist with planning, design, construction and maintenance of buildings, is being increasingly using within construction projects. State of the art, high specification computers with twin monitors and enhanced graphics capabilities will allow for seamless design and 3D rendering and navigation.

Digital Engineering Skills Centre
Portland Street

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