Students and apprentices excel in workshops, classrooms and technology suites, providing training for careers in engineering, welding, fabrication, Performing Engineering Operations (PEO) and civil engineering.

Digital Engineering Skills Centre
Portland Street

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Social Spaces

You’ll find that our dedicated student breakout area is kitted out with everything to create the perfect social environment, including sofas, round tables and drinks/snacks vending machines.

BIM Workshop

Our Building Information Modelling (BIM) workshop contains the 3D modelling tools and equipment to efficiently plan, design, construct and manage building and infrastructure projects.

CAD CAM Workshop

Our Computer-Aided Design and Machining (CADCAM) software provides students with hands-on experiences of product design and the control of manufacturing processes.

Mechatronics Lab

This is where students can perform a comprehensive range of PLC programming tasks through a combination of computer and device programming.

Simulation Welding

Our welding workshop contains virtual reality welding simulators and five welding bays, featuring the latest downdraft extraction tables and portable extraction, covering MIG, TIG and Arc welding.

CNC Milling

Our workshop-based computer numerical control (CNC) equipment teaches student engineers how to control, automate and monitor a machine’s movements.

CNC Lathe Turning

Lathing equipment enables students to develop skills in glass working, parts reclamation, metal spinning, metal working, woodturning and thermal spraying.


Develop your understanding of product design and equipment through prototyping equipment, which is used to create small models of products to test concepts and/or processes.

Hydraulics and Pneumatics

Our range of equipment and systems helps students expand their knowledge of circuitry, componentry, design, safety, construction and fault-finding.