Want to know about how to get into teaching delivery?

Understand more about moving into a delivery role and how we can support you at Walsall College.

What qualifications and experience does a lecturer need?

You will need a relevant qualification in the area in the area you want to teach. The level of this may vary dependent upon the curriculum area and the level of the qualifications on the programmes.

Do I need a Formal Qualification?

Teaching qualification are preferred - however we offer opportunities for highly knowledgeable and experienced people who work in industry to move into a Further Education and skills setting.

Relevant industry experience is highly advantageous and a relevant teaching qualification with funding options will be provided to support someone from industry in succeeding in a new to teaching role.

What Support?

We aim to provide our new to teaching staff with a supportive environment that develops and equips them with the tools to be successful and effective teachers.

Unqualified staff will have associate lecturer status and have access to the Colleges professional Formations Programme and will receive:

  • A 3 year programme with structured support, training and professional dialogue
  • Designated Support
  • Observations of teaching and follow up discussions
  • Professional reviews to progress
  • Opportunities to observe other experienced teachers
  • Other targeted professional development activities
  • Route to Qualification plan
  • SET Membership

Associate Lectures will be expected to:

  • Participate fully in the programme of support, development, monitoring and assessment as required under the PFP and be able to evidence this
  • Be familiar with the standards required and monitor their own progress in relation to them
  • Take increasing responsibility for their own professional development

What challenges might I face?

Changing career means moving into a new culture and this can seem daunting. Many

Can I teach part time and continue to work in industry?