How We Recruit

We have to be right for each other. So we make no apologies for taking some time to make sure that match is right and the application process will be thorough.

Our recruitment processes are designed to be as fair and straightforward as possible. The content of your application and assessment will be specific to the role you are applying for, however the process will be fair and consistent for all candidates.

Below is an overview of the process for a teaching role:

Application – Apply via the vacancy portal accessible on the website, following the instructions and providing all relevant information.

Application Review – The recruiting manager will review all applications and compile a shortlist of candidates.

Selection process – If you are placed on the shortlist you will be contacted (this is normally via email) to attend a selection process. You will receive notification of what will be involved in the process and the time and date.

Practical Assessment – You can expect to be asked to deliver a practical session – we call this a ‘micro-teach’. This will typically be between 10 and 15 minutes and you will be advised of the topic and timescales beforehand. You will be normally deliver the session to a real life group of students.

The students are at the heart of what we do and they will be asked for their feedback as part of the process. They don’t make the recruitment decision but their feedback is an important and valuable part of our process.

Other Assessments – Some processes may include additional activities. These will be specific to the role / area you have applied for. Examples include group discussion tasks. You will made aware if there are additional assessments but you may not be given the details before the day. These assessments may also take the form of group activities where you will be with other candidates.

Individual Interview – If you are successful in the practical assessment(s) stage then you may be asked to progress to the interview stage. This will normally be a panel interview consisting of 2 or 3 panel members, Panel members are normally relevant management staff and/or a member of the HR team.