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Walsall College Smart Card

Walsall College is now operating a cashless payment system. 

Your student ID card is a 'Smart Card'.  When pre-loaded with a cash amount it can be presented as a means of payment at many of the College tills:

  • College canteen (Wisemore and Green Lane)
  • Costa
  • Graduate Academy
  • LRC (Wisemore and Green Lane)

How is money added to your account?

The cards need to be credited in advance to be able to purchase anything.

Money can be loaded onto the card using a number of different methods.

  • Online – by you, or someone you know
  • With cash – at the Student Services desk
  • Loading machines located in the atriums at Wisemore and Green Lane campuses

Parents can also upload money. They will need their own account. This can be accessed via a portal from the College website.

Students who qualify for free college meals will have a daily allowance of £3 credited to their Smart Card.

How soon can you use the card?

As soon as you have loaded it with a cash amount, or been allocated free College meals the card will be ready for use. If you have been allocated free College meals (totalling £3 per day), your allowance will be available from the first Monday after you have been notified of your award.

What are the benefits?

With less need to carry cash, the risk of it being lost or stolen is reduced and it is much faster to get served.

Wear your card, keep it safe

Students are required to wear their ID badge around their neck at all times for identity purposes and to gain access to the buildings. It is your responsibility to have it with you at all times.

What happens if I forget or lose my card?

If the card is lost or stolen, it needs to be reported to the Student Services desk as soon as possible so the card can be blocked from further use. You can also de-activate your card through your online account. The balance from the time of reporting the card lost will appear on the new card.

If you lose or forget your card you will have to either purchase a new card, or go home and fetch it. 


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