Fiona Macmillan – Governor photo

Dr Fiona Macmillan


Fiona studied medicine in Edinburgh and trained in psychiatry in London. As a consultant psychiatrist in West Birmingham, she spent 10 years as a senior lecturer at Birmingham University.

Fiona settled in Walsall some 20 years ago, when she was the Medical Director at Dorothy Pattison Hospital. Retiring from the NHS in 2009, and having worked in various West Midlands mental health services, she occasionally still teaches nurses and social work students at Staffordshire University.

Over the last few years Fiona has been involved with the Walsall Arboretum User Group and hence with the hospitality team at Walsall College. She hopes her academic background and experiences in community relations will enable her to contribute well as a governor.

She gardens, reads, sews and generally enjoys life, following the fortunes of her two daughters and nine great nephews and nieces.

Fiona was appointed to the Corporation in January 2020.