​A mystery turn for Walsall lecturer and novelist, Tanya | Walsall College

​A mystery turn for Walsall lecturer and novelist, Tanya

A Walsall College lecturer is following a mystery route with the publication of her third novel. Tanya Lewis, who teaches supported learning performing arts is known for exploring social issues in her writing. While her latest book is no different, The Lonely Hearts Crime Club also has the elements of a classic whodunit.

The 42-year-old who writes under her maiden name, Tanya Bullock is signing copies of the novel at Waterstones Bookshop in Walsall Town Centre on Saturday 27 April from 3-5pm.

“Although the story is different to my other work, a lot of themes I’m passionate about exploring are there,” Tanya explained. “I enjoy writing about people that are lonely or marginalised somehow. This story is full of them.

“They all come together to investigate an assault on one of the residents in their tower block. It brings up personal issues for them all that they’ve been unwilling to face before now. Hopefully readers will be drawn to their backgrounds.”

Tanya continued: “There is a bit of a twist towards the end – one which readers so far said they didn’t see coming. I’m pleased about that. The book has only just come out so I’m excited to see what others think.”

The mum-of-two first started writing in 2011, although it was only after the birth of her first child in 2014 that she completed her first novel, That Special Someone.

“Somehow I manage to fit my writing in around my teaching and the lives of my children,” Tanya said. “Each book so far has taken around three years to write. Luckily, my editor is incredibly patient and supportive so I don’t feel I have to rush to meet deadlines.

“I always wanted to be a writer. To be living the dream is just amazing. I know I’m incredibly lucky – it’s something I tell myself all the time.”

Coming up next for Tanya is a multi-faith project involving her college students, along with rehearsals for their summer shows. And her next novel is currently a mystery in more ways than one.

“I haven’t yet made any plans for book number four,” Tanya added. “Usually an idea just comes to me from out of nowhere and I run with it. Some of my fans have suggested I do a sequel for this novel. I might explore that. It just depends on where my inspiration takes me next.”

For more information about Tanya’s novels visit www.blackbird-books.com/tanya-bullock


Published on Apr 15th 2019

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