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David Yates


After graduating from University I knew I wanted to work in Sport but I didn’t know which field. I decided to do some volunteer work coaching sports in South Africa which then led onto a job working at a Summer Camp in the USA as a football programme co-ordinator. When my VISAexpired I returned to the UK and knew I wanted to stay in coaching and education but I didn’t know what age group.

Over the next couple of years I did a vast amount of sports coaching and teaching at primary schools, secondary schools, Universities and Colleges including Walsall College. Out of all the roles I was doing I enjoyed working at Walsall College the most and although I was offered positions at many of the other institutes I knew that if I accepted those jobs I wouldn’t be doing exactly what I wanted to do, so I held out until a position in the sports department came up.

I applied for the job and was successful and have now been a full time member of staff for 2 and a half years. I enjoy all aspects of my job from teaching students to working with my colleagues. Since starting I have developed my personal skills (got a grade 1 in my observation) and had many opportunities to gain additional qualifications (the college part funded my PGCE), I have met many elite sports performers and so last week one of my students asked me if I was doing my dream job, I told him that after realising I wasn’t going to make it as a professional footballer and taking my time over which area I wanted to progress into, I guess I am.

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