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Logistics/Warehousing Courses

Do you need to upskill your staff with the latest warehousing or logistics training? We have FREE training that can be delivered in your workplace.

The courses last up to 16 weeks and you can find details below.

Register below and our Business Training Solutions Team will be in touch.

Warehousing and storage course which includes:

  • Health, safety and security at work
  • Develop effective working relationships with colleagues in logistics operations
  • Pick goods in logistics operations
  • Process orders for customers in logistics operations
  • Keep work areas clean in logistics operations
  • Use equipment to move goods in logistics operations
Driving Goods Vehicles (Van, Rigid and Articulated) course which includes:

  • Prepare the Vehicle for Driving
  • Protect the vehicle and the load
  • Operate and monitor the vehicle systems
  • Manoeuvre the vehicle in restricted spaces
  • Obtain information on the collection and/or delivery of loads
  • Drive the vehicle on public roads in a safe and fuel efficient manner
  • Ensure the vehicle is loaded correctly
  • Ensure the vehicle is unloaded correctly

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