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Pharmacy Training

Working with a number of pharmacy practices, we have developed an apprenticeship programme and two professional training courses to upskill new and existing staff.

Our Advanced Apprenticeship in Pharmacyis an ideal way to train new recruits to your way of working, but we also realise your current staff are important too, so our professional training courses for pharmacists are designed to update their skills in line with new industry requirements.

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How will an apprentice benefit my practice?

From giving your business a fresh new perspective to increasing employee loyalty, our apprenticeship programmes reward not only the student, but the practice itself. Seen as a key driver to economic growth, a recent business report showed there was a £28 return on every £1 invested in a Level 3 apprentice.

Why upskilling existing staff invaluable

Developing the skills and knowledge of your staff is vital if you are to meet, head on, the challenges your practice faces, while continuing to thrive in a rapidly evolving sector.

What next?

Training is delivered at Walsall College on a weekly basis.

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