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Engineering Apprenticeships

Do you need an extra pair of hands? If so, we have developed an apprenticeship programme to help you find new talent and fill the skills gaps within your organisation.

Starting in September, our  Intermediate Apprenticeship in Improving Operational Performance is an ideal way to train new recruits to your way of working.

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How will an apprentice benefit my organisation?

From giving your business a fresh new perspective to increasing employee loyalty, our apprenticeship programmes reward not only the student, but the practice itself. Seen as a key driver to economic growth, a recent business report showed there was a £28 return on every £1 invested in a Level 3 apprentice.

Intermediate Apprenticeship in Improving Operational Performance (Performing Engineering Operations) - Timetable Structure

Five Reasons to hire an apprentice

1) Increases Productivity

96% of apprentice employers say apprentices are beneficial to their business. What’s more, the average apprentice increases business productivity by £214 per week. These gains include increased profits, lower prices and better products.

2) Inspire loyalty

According to research by Populus, 80% of employers felt apprenticeships reduced staff turnover, which implies that apprentices are loyal to the company that invested in them. With apprentices said to be motivated, flexible and loyal, they are more likely to stick around in the long term.

3) Provides greater flexibility

Hiring an apprentice enables your new starter to give a helping hand to your existing staff, leaving them to do what they do best.

4) Meet your business needs

The recruitment process is often time consuming. You’ll find yourself sifting through countless candidates to find the select few that possess the skills that meet your business needs. But by bringing an apprentice on board, you can provide training that’s tailored to the requirements of your business.

5) Exceptional training and facilities

As part of their training programme, apprentices will study part-time at Walsall College's new engineering campus on Portland Street, which includes state-of-the-art equipment that reflects the current and future needs of the local engineering industry.  

Where will I study?

Training will be delivered at Walsall College’s new campus on Portland Street. Built through a £984,000 grant from the Black Country Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), our engineering campus specialises in basic hand skills, milling, turning and surface grinding, as well as electrical engineering, computer-aided design (CAD) and 3D modelling. 

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