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Advanced Learner Loans for your Employees

Advanced Learner Loans – The Key To A Motivated Workforce?

As a business, you’ll probably already know that a motivated, happy and well-trained workforce delivers a good product or service that builds your reputation and increases sales.

However, some employers are put off the idea of training staff due to the level of investment that can be required. Whilst there is a wealth of fully funded (free) work-based learning qualifications to overcome this challenge, what do you do if the training required is not available under a government training scheme such as Apprenticeships?

Learner Loans Reduce Training Costs

Advanced Learner Loans are available on a range of advanced (level 3) vocational courses that could help train your staff in subjects relevant to their role. 

The loans offer your employees the chance to pay for their own course fees with a low interest government loan, similar to those taken out by university students. However course fees for advanced level courses tend to be much lower than university fees – from £500 TO £3300 per course. There are no credit checks and the loans do not need to be repaid until the student is earning £21,000 per year.

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These Student Loans Are Available NOW

Learner loans are designed to ensure that your members of staff aren't held back from their professional development because of finances.

  • Employees age 19 plus can apply NOW for courses starting after the 1st August 2016

Courses eligible

Here is a full list of qualifications with loans available towards course fees (subject to the student meeting entry requirements for their chosen programme).

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