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Step Up Maths Level 1

Want to improve your maths skills? Not studied Maths in a long time and looking to re-learn the subject?

The Step Up Maths course is a great option for those who want to study the subject in a non-accredited way, meaning no formal examination.

This courses is created for those who need longer than a year to reach the next level of Functional Skills qualification in maths. It’s also for those who haven’t studied Maths in a long time and are returning to study.

There is no pressure for you to sit a formal exam at the end of the year. However, if you and your tutor feel you are ready to complete one, then we can arrange for you to put your skills to the test.  

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Before you enrol you will be asked to complete an online or paper based initial assessment called BKSB. This is nothing to worry about and isn’t a pass or fail assessment. It just gives an indication as to your current working level, we will then put you in the appropriate class which suits you. 

Onto a Functional Skills qualification in Maths Entry level 1 up to and including level 2. 

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Basic Information

Course Code C01C11978P
Location Hawbush Campus
Level Level 1
Type Community Learning
Fee Free
Start Date Various

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