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Intermediate Apprenticeship in Plumbing & Heating

The skills acquired as an apprentice plumber or heating engineer will always be in demand and this course ensures your practical experience is backed up with theoretical learning. You must already be employed in the trade to qualify for this course.

Apprenticeships for occupations in the Plumbing and Heating Industry are designed to meet the industry's competence requirements. At Advanced Level you will be involved in a job role that completes, oversees and organises work to install, service, maintain and commission domestic plumbing and heating systems, components and gas-fired water and central heating appliances.

Completion of this qualification will also provide evidence of competence to Gas Safe Registration in certain categories.

What do Employers get out of Apprenticeships?

Apprenticeships provide small businesses with access to high quality training programmes that help their businesses remain profitable. Apprenticeships offer employers the opportunity to train new or existing members of staff to understand and support the unique requirements of their business.

How do you become an Apprentice?

You may already be employed but if not, we might be able to help you find a suitable vacancy. View the Apprenticeships we currently have available at:

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  • You must be employed within the industry.
  • You must have successfully completed an Intermediate Level Apprenticeship in Plumbing.
  • You should have GCSE grades C or above in English and Maths or acheived Level 2 Functional Skills.
  • You will also undergo an in depth interview and a plumbing skills test.

On successful completion of the Advanced Level Apprenticeship in Plumbing & Heating, an apprentice will have the skills, knowledge and qualifications to:

  • Progress to relevant Level 4/5 qualifications e.g. Project Management.
  • Progress in their career with further training into such job roles as Technician, Designer, Estimator, Site Supervisor/Manager.


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Basic Information

Course Code B81A25127P
Location Various Locations, not at Walsall College sites.
Level Level 2
Type Int Apprenticeship
Fee £750 Employer Contribution for 19+ Apprentices
Start Date Various

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