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English for Speakers of other Languages

Want to improve your English writing skills?

This course will get you started. The Award for ESOL Skills for Life will help you to improve your English speaking skills by taking part in various activities such as pair work, group work and role plays.

Taking place at one of our community venues, our friendly staff will help you to communicate effectively, as well as to listen for new and relevant information in a wide range of everyday life situations. You will also have the opportunity to develop your speaking and listening skills by taking part in interactive games and group activities, so you can successfully find a job, go on to higher education and play your part in the community.

For further course information click the download button.

There are no specific entry requirements however, you will be assessed when you come for the interview and placed in the appropriate class.

If you successfully complete your qualifications you may decide to look for a job based on your improved English or apply for our College’s vocational courses or join the next level of the ESOL course.

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Basic Information

Course Code C02P12530P
Location Willenhall CHART Centre Community Hub
Level Level 1
Type Part-Time
Fee This course is FREE if you fulfil the entry requirements, complete an Eligibility Residency Assessment, and if working, provide a copy of your latest payslip.
Start Date Sep 07 2020

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