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Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship Standard

Degree Apprenticeships combine higher education study and work-based learning to enable apprentices to achieve a higher level award (e.g. a Foundation, Bachelors or Masters qualification) whilst in work. The provision of an academic award is integrated with experience, practice and learning in the workplace where the apprentice has paid employment status. Degree Apprenticeships are co-designed by training providers and employers to ensure that apprentices are equipped with the skills employers need and to develop their own careers.  

The CMDA was designed for those individuals charged with taking responsibility for people, projects, operations and/or services to deliver long term organisational success, with the expectation that they will deliver impact, behave ethically and demonstrate their commitment to continual learning and development (CMI, 2017).

The CMDA is suitable for learners who are currently working in the private or public sector, voluntary sector orgnaisations; SMEs or larger corporates, who aspire to develop their careers through a combination of taught techniques, coaching and on-the-job learning. As stated in the CMDA Apprenticeship Standard specific, job roles that align with the CMDA include: Manager, Senior Manager; Head of Department; Operations Manager; or anyone with significant management responsibilities. The strength of the CMDA is in providing aspiring manager with the knowledge and skills required to become more effective in their current and future roles. 

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Individual employers will set the selection criteria for their Apprenticeships. Most candidates will have A levels (or equivalent) or existing relevant Level 3 qualifications, and English, Maths and ICT at Level 2. Other relevant or prior experience may also be considered as an alternative.

Once complete, apprentices will be able to progress onto a Masters Degree.

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Basic Information

Course Code B80S60557P
Location Various Locations, not at Walsall College sites.
Level Level 6
Type Workplace Learning
Start Date Various

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