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Award in Payroll Level 1

Want to launch a career in payroll?

Aimed at beginners, the Level 1 Award in Payroll is for those who wish to work in payroll in a variety of roles, such payroll processors and clerks.

This course aims to provide learners with a comprehensive range of knowledge and the practical skills that they will be able to use as a payroll processor for a variety of businesses.

Upon successful completion of the qualification, the learner will have the knowledge and skills to:

  • Act as an introduction to payroll record keeping and processing, giving the candidate the necessary skills to record financial payroll transactions in a manual and computerised environment and in line with Real Time Information requirements
  • Give candidates the necessary skills to assess their own competence in carrying out a range of basic day-to-day payroll routines and activities using a manual and computerised payroll system. The activities will include the calculation of pay data and processing of that data including contributions to work based pension schemes using basis day-to-day payroll processing skills.
  • Give candidates the necessary skills to assess the implications of maintaining accuracy when performing any practical payroll tasks
  • Understand the importance of security and confidentiality in performing any payroll task.
    Learners successfully completing the qualification will have a knowledge and understanding of the services, advice and guidance that can be offered to businesses by HMRC, NICO and other payroll agencies. They will also have the skills required to prepare, check and use source documents from which the payroll is processed using a computerised payroll system as required under Real Time Information requirements.

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Some knowledge of IT is required as part of this course is based on Sage Accounting software. You dont need prior knowledge of Sage but need to have used a computer before. You also need a minimum BKSB level of English at Entry level 3 or above

You may want to progress onto a Level 2 Payroll course or consider progressing onto the Level 2 Certificate in Accounting. 

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Basic Information

Course Code C01P10349P
Location Hawbush Campus
Level Level 1
Type Part-Time
Start Date Various

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