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Advanced Apprenticeship in Vehicle Maintenance and Repair

A motor vehicle and maintenance technician apprentice will learn and go on to have responsibility of servicing and repairing light vehicles including cars and vans within a garage or part of a larger vehicle dealership. Daily tasks will range from replacing simple parts through to solving complex faults with the use of diagnostic methods and equipment.

The technician will be proficient in both working independently and as part of team, whilst confidently contributing to the customer experience.

Employer overview

The automotive industry relies on a steady flow of new entrants and apprentices with relevant skills that respond to the needs of employers, whilst recognising the challenges of an ageing workforce.

However, the rise in new automotive technology has fuelled a demand in developing a more skilled and creative workforce. Our state-of the-art Automotive Garage puts our apprentices in the fast lane to accelerate your business forward.

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The selection process will include a basic Initial Assessment and an in depth interview during which your suitability, commitment and interest for the programme will be determined. 
To be accepted onto the programme you will need to have completed the Level 2 Diploma in Heavy Vehicle Maintenance and Repair or equivalent and must have achieved GCSE grades C or above in Maths and English or Level 1 in Functional Skills Maths and English or equivalent. If you have attained these grades it may give you an exemption from the functional skills components of the framework however if you do not have the required grades, additional support will be provided to bring you up to the required level dependant on your initial assessment results.
The suitability of your employer will also be determined before you are accepted onto the programme. Your employer will need to demonstrate that they have the necessary Health and Safety arrangements in place to satisfy legislative requirements, and that they are able to provide you with the full range of work to successfully complete the Apprenticeship framework. 
How do you become an Apprentice?
You might already be employed but if not, we may be able to help you find a suitable vacancy. View the Apprenticeships we currently have available at:

• Work as a Heavy Vehicle Diagnostic Technician
• Higher Apprenticeship in Vehicle Maintenance and Repair 
• After further training and development onto a Foundation degree for example, in Automotive Engineering or Automotive Technology; 
• Onto Higher Education (HE) programmes such as MEng and BEng programmes in Automotive.

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Basic Information

Course Code B93A34367P
Location Various Locations, not at Walsall College sites.
Level Level 3
Type Adv Apprenticeship
Start Date Various

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