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Joining Us

The Corporation periodically assesses the profile of expertise among its members as a guide to making future appointments. 

Many governors have a general interest in further education coupled with deeper knowledge of a particular area of importance to the life of the college. Such areas include knowledge of local community issues, an understanding of the needs of businesses, understanding of curriculum, financial, personnel, performance monitoring and buildings matters. Sometimes people who express an interest in becoming a governor will choose to spend an initial period on one of the Committees and move to full membership of the Corporation at a later stage.

The Clerk is always keen to hear from anyone who may be interested in becoming a governor. Corporation meetings are held at 5.30pm and Committee meetings are usually (but not always) held at 8.30am or 9am. Meetings last up to three hours. Due to demands faced by governors in their working lives, meetings during the working day are infrequent.

If you would like to apply to become a College Governor, please complete the online Application Form and email it to Alison Buick at

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