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Five Reasons to take up DIY

What springs to mind when you think of DIY? A man sawing away at a plank of wood, geared up in Goggles and a pair of headphones?

DIY has been long associated with men fixing a dodgy pipe or renovating their home. But with the rise of female DIY bloggers – and a collection of beautiful craft ideas on Pinterest – DIY is becoming a popular pastime amongst women. 

From hexagon shelves for your favourite plants to rustic kitchen cabinet pallets for your teas, coffees and sugars, there are so many creative ideas on the internet to make you want to pick up a hammer and a few nails.

If you’re still not convinced it's for you, DYI has more benefits to your home, your wallet and your wellbeing than you think. Here are some reasons to take up DIY:

Saving Money

Whether your home is old or new, it’s an unfortunate fact that things break and if you’re not a DIY expert, it will cost you money. But by building up your DIY know-how, you can fix these issues yourself, meaning you don’t have to pay someone to do it for you.

Exercise and weight loss

From moving your arms and back and forth to paint your walls, to getting up and bending to your knees constantly to fix a sink, DIY forces you to work up a sweat! And the good news is that this works wonders for your heart and cholesterol levels.

Keeps your brain active

It is common to lose our ability to remember things as we age, whether it’s the reason we went to the kitchen or not being able to remember someone’s name. As DIY requires both concentration and creativity, the mind will stay active, staving off conditions like Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Good for wellbeing

Learning a new skill and being good at it gives us a sense of accomplishment, which leads to us becoming more confident. These boost releases feel good chemicals in the brain that makes us feel happy, leading to good wellbeing.

Increases home equity

The better your house looks, the more valuable it will be. By making sure everything in your home is in good working order, the value of your house will increase, making it more valuable to new home buyers.

And there you have it. If you’re thinking about giving DIY a go, you must remember. Repairs that look like it’s done by a cowboy builders won’t increase the equity in your home and could cost you more time and energy to get it fixed again.

That’s why you need to make sure you’re learning from someone who knows their skill. Walsall College are offering an ‘Introduction to Practical DIY’ course in January, as well as another course for women who want to make new female connections. To book your place, apply online on the course page. 

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