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4 ways a work placement student can ENHANCE your business

Work placement students are not only great helping hands; the enthusiasm and new ideas they offer can do your business a lot of good. On top of that, you could end up with a new hire, at no extra cost.

This is why Walsall College invests its resources in ensuring its students are work-ready. The millions invested into facilities enables students to work with industry equipment and live briefs, so they can hone their skills to an industry standard.

Alongside their studies, students are expected to take on a meaningful work placement, meaning less coffee making and more getting down to business by learning how things work in your business.

Here’s 4 ways a work experience student can enhance your business

1) Fresh idea

An enthusiastic student can bring a lot to the table, especially if they have an interest in your industry. They can offer ideas on ways to market your business. Come up with new concepts for products or services. Or they can just be great at delivering customer service and producing work that matches those of your staff members, which brings us to the next bullet point...

2) Help you identify new staff

Work experience is an opportunity for students to realise their dreams of working in the sector they want to enter, whilst adding to their CV. But when a student is technically gifted, is a joy to work with and hits nearly all of the person specification in your standard Job Spec, you know you have a new hire on your hands.

3) Support your staff to develop supervision and delegation skill

Supporting a work placement student is a great way for your staff members to develop their supervision and delegation skills, so you can identify future managers for your workforce. Knowing who has potential can help you identify who to invest in when it comes to promotions or providing managerial training.

4) Raise the profile of your business

College marketing departments are always busy promoting all aspects of their organisation online, including work experience. Providing work experience is an opportunity for the college to shout out about your business on their social media accounts through posts and news stories. As the average college has around 2,000 to 5,000 followers on social media channels, that’s a lot of people to promote your brand and services to… 

Interested in taking on a work experience student?

If you want to see what a work experience student can do for you, there’s two options. You can provide a one-week work placement, on the condition that it is meaningful to the student. The experience you offer will need to support the student’s ‘work readiness’, so they are able to embark on their career journeys with professionalism and skills an employer will want.

You’ll need to make sure your company can support the student for a minimum of 36 hours per week (block week industry placement only!)

Offering a T-level programmes

Alternatively, the second option is a 45-day industry placement between September and July, as part of a T-Level programme.

Students studying the new T-levels from September 2019 at Walsall College will be expected to undertake a work placement of at least 45 days in their chosen industry or occupation. Learning will take place both in the classroom and through ‘on-the-job’ training, giving them the best of both worlds when it comes to academic study and practical experience.

The new qualification is part of a wider agenda to transform technical education, and to ensure young people are equipped with the skills, knowledge and capabilities that reflect employer needs.

How Walsall College can help

To help you, Walsall College will provide you with a point of contact at the College, plus a detailed profile of the student before they start the placement. We will also put you in the right direction with regards to how your business needs may fit with other employer-engagement services within the College.

Want to take on a work placement student? Please get in touch by filling out the form on this page or call us on 01922 651129, or email workexperience@walsallcollege.ac.uk

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