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If you’re a practical, hands-on sort of person who enjoys getting stuck in, a Motor Vehicle course could be just what you’re looking for. Getting skilled-up will give you the start you need in a highly demanded job.

These courses are designed to engage and motivate learners who are interested in learning about the maintenance and repair of motor vehicles and the various roles that are available in the retail motor industry and include the diagnosis of non-complex system faults. They also provide essential knowledge for service technicians working on light vehicles (cars and vans) in all types of garages, dealerships and maintenance depots.

This course area was officially graded as Outstanding by Ofsted, and some of the reasons for this included:

  • Teachers are vocational experts and use their skills and experience very effectively to motivate and support students to achieve.
  • Teachers have high expectations and set very high standards, often drawing on their own first-hand experience to enhance learning. The quality of care, support and guidance provided by staff is excellent.
  • Students often produce work of a standard well above that required by the level of course.
  • Teaching in practical lessons is outstanding. Students use a wide range of specialist tools and equipment competently and confidently.
  • Students are continually developing new skills that increase their confidence and further develop their knowledge and understanding.
  • Resources to support teaching and learning are outstanding. Motor vehicle workshops are extremely well equipped with modern cars, tools and specialist, industry-standard test equipment. Teachers regularly go back into industry to update their knowledge and skills.
  • Teaching materials are of high quality with good use of interactive learning technology and visual aids to help students deepen their knowledge and understanding.